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The Not So Shy Girl Anymore...

My Life in a Nutshell

11 June
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Hi!! I am a Sophomore at IUB!! I want to shout out to all my Evansville people, I love you all and I can not wait to see you all again. So I changed my major again. This time to Accounting. Made my parents happier that I did that. I love sports. Especially the Atlanta Braves and the Louisville Cardinals. I am part of Phi Mu and I love it. It is my life and I am okay with that. My roomie is my best friend and has been since high school so things are good. We are excited about living together this year and can not wait for the memories to come. YAY!! I love memories. Have a lot from Evansville already and will always hold those close to my heart. I love you all and miss you so much but do not fear because I will be back. It is a surprise. I know when I am coming but you all do not. Sorry but it is a surprise and I can not wait. Going to go since all I am doing right now is rambling. Bye Love Ya and leave some love, please!!